´╗┐Worm Moon, March 28, 2021

The Rule: Choose three colors while looking at the ground, location determined by coordinates assigned to map.

24 Trace Monotypes on Yupo, each 9x8”, mounted on wood panels
I decided that the rule would involve looking down at the earth for signs of spring emerging. For this moon I used paint chips again, choosing the colors from the Benjamin Moore paint deck. The names of the colors are fascinating reflections of the human tendency towards cultural interpretations of nature. So instead of displaying the color of the paint, the names of the colors are displayed. After choosing the colors on my walks, I created 24 trace monotypes, each showing the name of the paint colors and the time they were chosen. The location of each time can be found on the adjacent map.
The ´╗┐Worm moon signifies the time of year when the soil thaws enough for earthworms to become active.


Worm Moon