Pink Moon April 26, 2021 

The Rule: Take a vertical format photograph.

Twenty Four Photographs printed on Hahnemuhle photo rag, each 10x8”

In the spring of 2021, my mother needed me in Indiana. My mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the fall of 2019.  Alongside the pandemic, this fact informed this project.  Faced with the prospect of not being in New Canaan for one of the final moons, I turned to friends and community to ask for help.  
17 people accepted my challenge, visiting the nature center during all 24 hours and taking at least one photo.  Their photos are displayed here, with the time of the photo and name of the photographer. I chose one photo to represent each hour, here printed 8x10”. All the additional photos taken by these friends are printed in 5x3.5” format.
Seeking a connection to the experience of my friends who generously agreed to share in this project and make visits to the Nature Center, I created paintings from many of the photographs.  The paintings, still in progress, are displayed adjacently.  
The Pink Moon gets its name not from the color of the moon, but from the preponderance of wild pink phlox in bloom at this time. 

Thank you to
Clara Bloom                  Helen Sparks        Skye Curren
Christina Parrot             Bill Curren            Harry Wycoff
Jon and Tracy Potter     Alicia Wycoff        Ashlea Ebeling
Leslie Kammerer          Barbara Rucci       Brenda Geigerich
Betty Ball                      Jane Cooper         Julie Reeves        
Michael Reeves            Carolyn Williams


 Pink Moon
 Pink Moon
 Pink Moon
 Pink Moon