Beaver Moon, November 30th, 2020

The Rule: Record my thoughts while walking.

Gesso, ink, graphite and stabilo on the New York Times, twenty four sheets, each 12x22

All 24 visits for the entire moon were recorded before I listened, transcribed, and edited my musings. My thoughts often focused on the natural world, ice on the pond, skunk cabbages coming up two months ahead of schedule. Moments of delight, such as when I first saw Jupiter and Saturn sitting close together in the evening sky, were recorded, along with internal conversations and personal frustrations.  The New York Times dated from within this moon cycle felt like the most appropriate substrate.   The date and the news remains subtly visible, while the pages are gessoed to quiet the noise of the news.
Lore says that the Beaver Moon earned its name because it is the time of year when Beavers fortify their dams for the winter.  During the era of the fur trade, this would have been prime time for trapping Beavers with their thick, winter ready pelts.